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Standard session time is 50 minutes. Longer sessions are also available, as well as 30-minute check-in sessions. 

My office hours are 1-9 p.m. (CET) on weekdays. Weekend hours vary. Phone and skype appointments can be scheduled for times outside my office hours when needed to accommodate the time difference between countries. For crisis counseling I am also available at other times.

Effective psychological counseling calls for the client to be as open as possible. While the counselor-client relationship is different from a friendship, it is my hope that you will be as open with me as you would be with a very discreet, non-judgmental, and trusted friend. To encourage that openness and trust I can assure you that everything you tell me during the course of our working together will always be kept confidential, in accordance with the American Counseling Association Code of Ethics. (I follow this standard with both my counseling and coaching clients.)

Fees and Insurance
I offer a variety of fee packages and I would be glad to discuss the options with you during your consultation. All of my fees include free readings and activities to do between each session, as well as free email support.
My services are not covered under any German insurance plans, but they are often reimbursable through non-German insurance plans, for example plans from the US.




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