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What to Expect From Counseling
A psychological counselor can help you identify problem areas, explore factors which may be contributing to them, and provide you with options and approaches to consider. Counseling is not something that's done to you; on the contrary, you play a very active role in the process, forming a team with your therapist to work toward agreed upon goals. You may be asked to keep a daily journal, read self-improvement articles, practice new behaviors.... The goal in counseling is to draw upon your strengths to help you resolve your problems. Counseling is a way of helping you to help yourself. 
About Distance Counseling
Distance counseling by phone or skype can be a practical option for people who live in places where native English speaking therapists are not locally available. It can also be a convenient option for people who travel often and would like to maintain the continuity of regular sessions while they are away. I do not recommend distance counseling for serious psychological disorders, but for many other issues it can be an effective alternative to in-person therapy.



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