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Because of my artistic background I have a special interest in working with writers and other creatives.

Do you want to write--and publish--but feel unsure about the steps you need to take to get there?

Or do you know what you need to do, but find you have difficulty following through?

Do you have writer's block or other fears that are holding you back?

Counseling can help you with:
- writer's block, creative stagnation, and other artistic hurdles
- personal and relationship issues unique to the artistic life
- procrastination and other pitfalls of self-employment
- stress from perfectionism or fear of failure
- questions and doubts about career choice
- feelings about "compromising" versus "selling out"
For more information about my counseling services please see my Counseling page. 

Coaching can help you with:
- goal-setting and time-management
- career focus and guidance
- practical and business planning
- future planning
For more information about my coaching services please see my Coaching page. 



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