Coaching Services

Coaching Services
I offer coaching for people who are seeking a more satisfying future life path and would like guidance in getting there. Sessions are available in-person in Berlin, Germany, and by phone and skype worldwide.
What is coaching?
Coaching is like a mental workout regimen--with a coach as personal trainer--that can help you get your life into better shape. It's proactive, positive, and future-oriented.... Coaching can help take you from where you are now to where you want to be: personally, in your relationships, and in your career and work life.
My specializations include personal, relationship and career coaching, executive coaching, mid-life and retirement coaching, and coaching for couples who want to strengthen their relationship and take it from good to great.
Celebrating Life in Haleiwa
Behind You!
Often people can appear to be doing well on the outside, but on the inside they feel dissatisfied and wonder why they aren't happier. When you've done everything "right" but it still doesn't feel quite right it can be difficult to know what step to take next. And it's easy to get stuck. That's where I can help, not by telling you what you should do, but by helping you get beyond any blocks and uncertainties to tap into what you truly want to do--and then helping you to do it.
Sometimes all that's needed is a better work/life balance, at other times a major personal, relationship or career reset. As a specialist in career and life stage transitions I have many years of experience in these areas; teaching courses, leading groups, and working individually with clients to help them find their own best and most rewarding future life path.
Without hesitation
If you would like to learn more about my coaching services please contact me for a free and confidential consultation.
For details about my counseling services please see my Counseling page.